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problem with AuditPropertyResolver property


Dears ,

I have been implement the linq audit dll in my project and its working fine.
I am auditing a Students’s Table that contains many fields (firstname ,middlename, lastname,nationalityid ….),so nationalityid is saved on auditrecordfields’s table when it’s changed, so I want to replace the nationalityid with nationality name using the proeperty “AuditPropertyResolver” , I have declared new class “StudentAuditResolver”

Imports Doddle.Linq.Audit

Public Class StudentAuditResolver
Inherits AuditPropertyResolver(Of Student)
Protected Overrides Sub CustomizeProperties()
    CustomizeProperty(Function(p) p.NationalityID, Function(NID) GetNationalityByID(NID), "Nationality")
End Sub

Public Function GetNationalityByID(NID) As String
    Return "NationalityName " & NID
End Function
End Class
unfortunately it doesn't work and I think it should be handled in somewhere .
is here anyone could help me?

thank you in advance.